2021 Property Appraisal Notice’s


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      May 14, 2021



Dear Property Owner,


The real estate market in Delta County is very strong and continues to grow at a record rate.  Low interest rates, availability of land for development, remote work and quality schools have driven demand for Delta County property to an all-time high; meanwhile, high construction material costs and other pandemic related supply issues have held residential inventory to a relatively low level.  These intersecting market forces result in an increase in the price at which a property sells (i.e., increase in market value).

The Texas Property Tax Code §23.01(a) requires that appraisal districts appraise all property at its market value as of January 1st.  The Delta County Appraisal District’s local 2021 values will be audited by the State Comptroller’s Office and our local school districts’ state funding is dependent upon the results of the testing.  Therefore, your property’s appraised value may have substantially increased for the 2021 tax year.

The Appraisal District does not determine your taxes!  There is an estimate of taxes included on your 2021 Notice of Appraised Value but it is only an estimate based on the current assessed value and last year’s tax rates. Because of new legislation, you will receive a postcard in early August of 2021 directing you to a website where each Taxing Unit will propose their tax rates.  It is up to the taxing entities to adjust their tax rates to reflect the increase in value. You may access your property to see how your Taxing Units’ proposed tax rate may affect the amount of taxes you pay.  You may also provide feedback to your Taxing Units as contact information will be provided on the website.

Please know that we are continually working to make your right to appeal your value as accessible and painless as possible.  You can file your Notice of Protest and evidence with us online (www.delta-cad.org), by email (support@delta-cad.org), in-office via drop box, or by mail.  We know that your time is valuable and we will work to reach a mutually agreeable settlement of your appeal when possible.  If our appraisers are unable to informally resolve your appeal, the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) will hear your protest by telephone, written affidavit, or in-person. The district will notify you of your scheduled date and time once you have filed your appeal.

Due to the expected increase in appeal volume, we anticipate that our response time to inquiries and protests may be slower than in prior years, but we will be diligently working to answer your questions, hear your concerns and work towards a resolution in the quickest manner possible.  We sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




Kim Gregory RPA, CCA

Delta CAD Chief Appraiser